Sunday, March 8, 2009

Finally a place of my own to grow!

Spring, a time of rebirth, new growth, a time to clean up the winters remains, and begin to plan a new. This year spring brings me so many changes, a new relationship, a new home, and fresh new outlook on life. I have always wanted create this blog about homesteading in modern times. I have read my grandmothers memoirs about homesteading in Nebraska, and been inspired by her journey. Upon their arrival, they not only had to build the house, they had to plumb it, heat it, and grow food. in today's world when we can merely get in our car and drive to grocery store to purchase food, call a plumber for water, and just have the energy company but a bill in our name, its exciting to think of how we would have fared back then. I hope to keep track of my goal of creating a homestead in the city here on this blog. I will have to start small, vegetables and sustainable changes around the house. I am hoping with fruit trees, water saving ideas, canning, and eventually down the road some animals, I can create a mini homestead here in the city and provide my family and friends with fresh food, and fresh ideas of what is necessary in life. Whats not necessary is the ipod, iphone, tv, or anything else remotely connected to sitting around disconnecting from each other and mother nature. I hope to get people off their butts and in the dirt!! enjoy, and please let me know what you think, check back soon, pictures of my cold box seed starter will be coming soon!

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