Monday, March 23, 2009

holy crap, a flower!

Here is a photo of the first official thing to bloom in our yard!!! woohooo!!! Its awesome, and I can't wait for more to pop up. I thought the rose bush was dead in the front yard, but found some new growth on it this weekend, wooohoo!!! I am also posting a photo of the His Royal Highness Sir Artemis McFartemis aka: dahmer kitty....who came outside long enough to eat some grass, and bite the head off of one of the flowers, geez, I get it, he was hungery! lol ! Yesterday we got the last of the taller pickets up around the garden, then relaxed in the shade since it was so hot, so there is a photo of that as well. Hard to believe it was 76 yesterday, and its about 35 now with rain and snow in the forcast, YEAH spring in Colorado! Many more pics are to come, as all the seeds (except for the stubborn bell peppers) have popped up! My seed box is working great so far, I have tilled the ground, am ready for manure and compost, making a few raised beds, and waiting for the last frost!!!!

Have a wonderful day, go play in the dirt!

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