Monday, March 9, 2009

Homemade seed starter box

Here are pictures of the seed box I made. I found an old glass door at Uncle Benny's, and attached it with hinges to a plastic tank we made in the shop. I used foam tape that is put between a topper and a truck bed to seal the window and the box. It went outside today, it was 55 degrees when I put it out and by 2pm it was 107. I got most of my seeds planted for now except for those that I will wait to sow until about 4 weeks before planting. When I left the box was down to 69 degrees, I can't wait to see what it is in the morning, I am storing it inside at night, and back outside in the daytime. I used to start my seeds in an east facing bay window with just saran wrap or plastic lids, and it worked great. However, I have since moved and do not have a good window to use to start the seeds inside the house. So, I made the hot box to keep at my shop during the day until the seeds get big enough to be out on there own. ;) hoooray spring time. Enjoy

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