Saturday, April 18, 2009

Things are really growing now, and I need to get the garden ready to transplant the seedlings outside. I'm working on hardening the plants, and I still need a ton of eco-compost, and a few more raised beds, but most of the plants are really out growing their seed pods. I tried using the toilet paper rolls, and paper towel rolls, for seed starting this time, but they do not dry out very well, and created a bit of mold on the outside of them. Also, the dirt at the bottom stays moist while the dirt at the top with the seeds drys out, I'll try to find the pics I took of that and post them as well. I may try it again, not sure if I had good drainage on those or not, so that may have been the problem, so we'll see.

I can't believe how fast the ghost pumpkins, carnations and zinnia's popped up out of the dirt, still waiting on the purple cone flowers though, they are taking their own sweet time! Hopefully the yard will dry out this week so i can play in the dirt next weekend!

I got some Iris, and a rose bush today, I'm excited to get those in the ground soon too! more pics to follow


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