Wednesday, April 29, 2009

updates and fun

seeds and mead baby!!
Well, I brought home my plants today. I am currently in the process of hardening them, the colorado spring weather is being a bit psycho, as is to be expected. I am anxious to get them in the ground, and doing my best to hold out about another week and a half. I planted some seeds in the ground today mostly the herbs and salady type stuff. Plan on doing other seeds this weekend as well.

In growing my seeds I tried a few new things, one being the seed box. That worked really great, but I need to make a few more for next season. As they began to sprout at different times, some needed to be in the box, and some removed, that made it a little difficult. The other new thing was using paper towel holders and TP rolls as seed pots. They did not dry out well, the bottoms in fact never dried out, and the seeds that did sprout dried out because the moisture was in the bottom not the top. The other thing they did was, if you missed any TP on the roll, those little bits that are glued on, they created mold. So, it was a good idea, but next year I will try something different.

Heres a few pics of the garden and plants, and things like that :). Enjoy, go get dirty !

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