Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gardening break to redo kitchen

brand new leaves on the tree hooray spring
New happy leaves on my rose bush
Dad cutting the drywall

My Dad working on the walls
Well, since its been nothing but rain for a few days, it was a great time for me to get to work on the kitchen. We've had the cabinets for awhile, but not the time to fix the drywall before we can hang the cabinets. So here are some photos of my Dad and I working on the kitchen. Thank goodness my Dad is the coolest man on the planet and spent the whole weekend teaching me how to drywall and redo the electrical boxes. Dad and I were talking yesterday about families and the relationships within them. We were talking about "daddys girls", I told him that he and I have always been close, that I really don't know what daddy's girl means, but since I am his only daughter, I suppose I must be a daddy's girl, we had a good laugh about that. We talked about how perhaps it means when a dad has more affection for one daughter then another, we did lots of speculating, chatting and laughing about it, then spent the rest of the day just working on the kitchen. At the end of the day, I was loading drywall into my truck, it stopped raining a little, and I was outside thinking that even though I am 40 years old, it made me so happy to spend the entire day with my Dad. We had fun, we laughed, talked, joked, and discussed life, as we tore apart the kitchen. Even though we work together everyday, we don't get much time to ourselves. As it turns out, I guess I am a daddy's girl because I loved every spoiled minute of alone time with my Dad working on my house. I love listening to him talk, seeing him laugh at me after we both drop the same tool for the hundredth time, having him reach out and stop my hand before I almost touch a live wire, I love hanging out with my dad, I'm grateful that I'm lucky enough to have that kind of time with him. Hope your enjoying every minute of your day too!

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