Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sun Shiny Day

It was finally warm enough to get outside and start doing a few things. Got a dresser painted I've had in the garage for awhile waiting for it to warm up. Also, the cat was finally able to come out and explore more of the yard since there is no longer a big ass dog living in the yard. :) as you can see from the photos the cat really likes the yard, it was fun to have him following me around and climbing the tress and things. cool stuff.
Well, what do you do with a dog run when you no longer have a dog....rip it down and make us of as a garden :). Here are the beginning projects for the new backyard farm design. I am forgoing grass, to create a mini growing farm in the backyard. I am going to use the existing fence to make raised beds, and create hanging climbing things for plants that need to vine, its the first step in a huge project, but taking down parts of the fence was therapeutic and symbolic of many changes I find myself going through in life right now. Heres a couple of before and after shots of the fence coming down.

There is still much trash and debris to remove from the yard as the transformation begins. Also,y you can see the dresser I am painting white to put in the craft room to hold fabric, its going to be so cool!
picked up this new wind chime for the garden as well :) love it, it sounds great!
The perfect end to and almost perfect day working in my yard. You can still see all the things in the yard that need picked up, some snow, and of course the fence post obstacle course Jordyn laid out last fall before the snow covered it for the winter. :) still super muddy, but it feels wonderful to get out there and start making plans, and seeing how things are going to be laid out. Very exciting for garden geeks like myself :).

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black bear cabin said...

wow...looks like youve been busy! i love the way the dog run broke down...that will be great for grow walls!
i love that dresser too...where did that come from? thats gonna look great in the craft room!
we've been a little inspired up here too...i started moving rocks again...making an area for the mini pumpkins, and clearing out the larger boulders for a walk. With the exception of the ticks...the season is off to a great start :)

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