Sunday, March 21, 2010

WOOHOO!!! Getting dirty

Today after a very late start, to much coffee, and a morning of catching up on some reading, I finally got my butt out and got my half of my seeds planted. It was so awesome, I got to use my new (well new to me) planting table, and the new seed box I made.The seed box I made from using a plastic tank made in our shop, and an old window I bought at a salvage building supply. I added hinges to keep it secure, and weather stripping under the window keep the heat in, and boom I'm off and running, it held a temp of almost 100 degrees today and that was after only being in the sun from about 3pm on. (I added my new Gnome to keep a watchful eye on the seeds)I starting using a smaller plastic tank that I cut in half to work the dirt and seeds in, that worked pretty well until I needed to use it plant in. :) hee hee will have to get a few more of those from work. :)
Sir Artemis was a large help as usual as I was getting ready to start, just laying there, in the way, begging me trip on him with my hands full, thanks kitty. This is my most excellent new potting and gardening table that I love!!! It has so much space, and cool places for me to put all my gardening things, I love it!! Those seeds in the middle of the shot, on the white paper towel, those are officially the Team Inertia seeds, they are planted and hopefully will come up just fine for serious Punkin Chunkin next season!! GO TEAM INERTIA!!

Yet another shot of all my stuff, I love having my hands in the dirt, I still have many more to plant, but the sun was going down and I need to wait for a warmer day to get the rest of them into the box. Its gonna be so great!
Finally, here is a shot of the seeds in the box this afternoon, the temp was maintaining at 80 degress around 6pm, hopefully it keeps them warm enough tonight, tomorrow it will get nice and toasty in there !!!! WOOOOOOHOOOO, yeah spring! Yesterday freezing cold, today seeds are started and the sun was out bright as ever.

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