Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cleaning and organizing

With a wonderful spring day, I had plenty of work to do to try not to stress out about none of my seeds popping up yet, here's a few shots of some of the work my Mom and I did. There is so much to do, but first I needed to clean, organize and power brain storm about the things I want to to. It was great to have my Mom's help, and to bounce ideas off of her. She has a fantastic backyard, and I'm super excited she came up and helped me get mine going :).

This is the before shot, much junk on the patio clogging up the creative powers!

This is the after shot, we got the wood pile gone with two truck loads of that stuff to the shop, Mom raked most of the yard, which made it look super clean. We picked up all kinds of trash and junk and reorganized some of the things I had just sorta stacked all around. This area is under a large aspen tree in the corner of the yard near the house. I have designated this area as my new work area. You can see my cool score of a couple of tables to work on, and one very cool cabinet with drawers and lots of storage space! I love how its coming together.

This is a view is from the far corner of the yard where I put the new nostrovia table. Very cool, shaped like a bean for a service person to sit kinda in the middle and pass out the drinks. I just need to get some wicked cool cushions made and some decor around the pavilion, and it will be fantastic! this is the view from under the new pine tree seating area! very cool shady spot that will be wonderful when the summer heat wants to drive me out of the yard! Look at all that space out there for planting and garden fun!!!

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