Friday, April 8, 2011


WOOOHOOOO!! Things are popping through the dirt, and making me super happy!!! I am so excited that I did not lose all my seeds, I have lost about half of them, and that's okay. Its been amazing to watch the cotton come up, I have never planted this before, and watching it unfold has been fantastic. It almost looks like a small piece of cotton is in the seed, when the plant finally pushed the seed shell completely off there is this little fuzzy bit that hangs around for about a day. Very cool!!! The stem of the cotton seedling also has this little dots on them, which I have not seen in other seedlings, I am loving the look of this plant so far. :)

The marsh mallow is also coming up nicely, this is a tiny little seedling, but I am doubly excited to see its progression as well. The tobacco has not come up, and I think I may have lost that one, but I have more seeds to put directly in the ground soon, so there is still hope! The pumpkins, squash, tomatillos and tomatoes are not to be out done, they are coming up nice and strong as well. I love this time, when the plants are fighting and pushing their way through the dirt to find the sunshine. LOVE IT!

Also, the tulips and allium are also coming up nicely, its so cool to look out on the giant dirt canvas of a yard I have and see some color coming from the bulbs.

Hooray spring!!

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