Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring fever

After 84 degrees on Saturday, and snow on Sunday, I am so ready for spring to just be here already!! You can see in the background of the shot below that the wind has blown my "lines" for my new garden beds all around the yard (the photo is from last weekend)...I managed to 'till up the dirt in 4 out of the 6 new beds this weekend, but did not get any after photos, duh.....I will get that later in the week :)I got my seeds in their tiny little dirt homes for the next 4-6 weeks, and committed them to the outside air. I have them in seed boxes, but they are not holding the temps like I had hoped they would. They were getting upwards of 129 degrees during the day and down to 45 at night. I actually did bring them in this weekend with the very cold temps I was worried they would go under 30 degrees. So, hopefully things will start popping through the dirt this week, but I am worried I lost most of the seed, since before I moved them they did get down to 30 degrees for one evening, we'll see. I left plenty of seed to start everything outside after the last freeze, I have always started from seed, so it could be an interesting growing season this year if I lose them. I have always felt like buying plants already started from the greenhouses was a little bit like cheating, so hopefully this year I wont have to get any of those, but, Mother Nature only knows for sure!I do have a few new crops I am trying this year, and not sure at all how that's going to go, but very excited for what is to come! I can't wait!! So, this week I end with a picture of HRH Sir Artemis, I got a shot that seems a little Cheshire Cat to me....silly cat...or maybe its the silly human who loves having him follow me around the yard while I work. Oh well, either way I completely enjoyed the super summer like spring weather. Have a great day!

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black bear cabin said...

i am sooooo jealous of the flowers already blooming in your yard...the greenery from my bulbs are just starting to show their faces here, so we have a while before we see any color :(
i hope your seeds do well...i was planning to start some inside this month for tomatoes, but havent gotten there yet...soon though, as justin built me a cold frame for them :) whats a garden without tomatoes! Great to see you posting again cous~

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