Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hooray for mulch and stepping stones

The snow and rain they called for this weekend never made it, which is good news for me! I was able to get the weed blocker down, some mulch and some new stepping stones!! It's all a work in progress, I am still getting a feel for the yard, and where things want to live. When I am sure I like the set up this way I will build things I need to finish it off, but for now, I like it. The yard is still a bit messy, but here is a before shot:
And, the after shot :)
This weekend was the spring cleanup in my city, so I was able to get rid of a lot of junk and make more room under my aspen tree for storage, and for hopefully what will be a very nice shady sitting area by the end of summer. I really did clean up all the tools laying around, I just did that after the photo. Having a lot of that junk gone, cleared the way for me to put my gardening table near the house, and get the path laid out that will lead to my "work" area, just behind the fence. (that work area will later become the green house, but for now its my outside paradise)
I know it looks like a lot of mulch in the yard, however, I'm hoping that it's a lot of area I wont have to weed all summer again!! :) YAY!!!

It was a joyous relaxing weekend, took lots of naps, read a bunch, and worked in the yard, it was a perfect weekend. Hope yours was wonderful too, have a happy week!

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black bear cabin said...

that really made quite a difference! it looks fabulous! :) cant wait to see it in person~
by the way, those bulb flowers are gorgeous, and im jealous of all your flowers right now...we keep getting snow still :(

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