Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's a beautiful day

After a week of drenching rain, and a few days of letting things dry out, I officially got to work in the yard ALL day today! So fun! Here is a shot of the water barrel I have near the corner of my house. This catches the overflow from the drain, when it rains really hard the drain can't handle it, the extra water goes in the barrel. That barrel is completely full, its unreal!
I got myself a prize this week, a brand new lawn mower! Not a treat for most, but for me it was a sign of how far I have come. When I started over a few years ago, all I could afford was a push mower. This little baby is quite the luxury item I am finally able to have, and I don't feel one moments guilt using it :)
The yard is slowly coming together, I love the look that is showing itself to me. I have created a path through the garden beds that leads to the corner of the yard where I have a small table set for a relaxation and Nostrovia's :). You can see the middle bed is full of manure, I got a truck load last week, and ended up having a little to much. Until I get some good fill dirt to add to the manure I don't want to plant anything in it. Plus, I have been using it to add manure to other places in the yard, its coming in very handy! I got so much done today, cleaned up all kinds of areas, got rid of tons of rubber roof that was helping keep the grass down in a few places, weed whacked, and mowed down the seriously long grass back here. I also came upon the first snake of the season today, I was heading his way with the lawn mower which inspired him to move very fast and get out of the way, scared me a bit at first, but then he just sorta hung out out of the way. I was glad I didn't chop him into a billion little pieces with the new mower :). In a complete rookie move, I left all of my seeds outside the other day when it rained for 2 days, so they were ruined. After 2 seed box disasters, and then having the seeds soaked by the rain, I had to buy new plants. I am a bit sad about it, but I think there might still be a few seeds I can save, there are a few things in the garden I am going without, but, there is plenty to keep me busy, and I can add more later if I need to. I got everything I have in the ground, 3 varieties of pumpkins, watermelon, musk melon, okra, sage, brussell sprouts, bell peppers, more garlic, eggplant, onion, tomatillo, winter squash, zucchini, beans, squash, and all the flowers. I have a few flowers blooming that I got at the garden center, and I love them! I love having color in my yard so early! I was sitting under the tree looking at this flower the other day, and I noticed a bird out of the corner of my eye. He was trying to get a very long piece of string that was wrapped around some rod iron in the garden. He would bundle it all up in his beak, then fly away only to be pulled back down because the string was still attached. He would land, kinda stomp about in what seemed to be a bit of frustration, then, taking great care to get as much string in his beak, he would try to fly away again. It was very cool to watch, he tried about 5 times before he finally gave up and flew away. Since I have no policy about butting into mother natures business in my yard, after he flew away, I walked over, untangled the string from the iron, and laid it on the ground. Hopefully he will come back for one more try and will find it a bit easier.
I also planted 3 new rose bushes last week, all of which already had blooms on them. I am so excited to already have a couple of bushes giving me roses, I know they are about past their prime, but I just can't help holding on to them for day or two, they are so pretty!
Happy weekend, Thanks for stopping by to check out the pics and what things I have going on! I am super excited for all the things still to come in the garden, so keep checking back! Have a beautiful day!

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