Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rained out again

It has rained here for a few days giving the garden a lovely soaking, but, hampering my plans of working in the yard all day today. Looks like I will have to wait one more day, unless more snow moves in tonight. My seed box was destroyed by the wind, then it was filled with water after the rains. I moved my seeds into a temporary seed box, but that box got flooded and I am not sure the seeds will be able to dry out and be saved. Looks like a trip to the garden center is in store for me for sure this year, which, really is never a bad thing. Sir Artemis is checking out the seed box, he used to lay on the glass, so I think he is mourning the seed box as much as I am.
Even though I can't work much in the yard today, things are coming along, and I am very excited for summer and the chance to hang in the yard with family and friends. I have a few more lanterns to hang, and lights to hang along the fence's but its starting to reflect more of me finally! The rains have made everything green super happy, and has helped get my asparagus up!! This is a first for me, I have never grown it before. I can't wait to see the life of this plant, I have plenty time to watch it since I cannot harvest it for a few seasons. When I saw them coming up I did a little dance in the garden, I am so excited to see this new plant!!

While I wait for better weather to get my seeds right in the ground and get more plants on the way, I simply wander around my yard enjoying all the things that here for me to love, the lilacs right now are my absolute favorite thing! The apple tree is blooming, the raspberry plant made it, the potatoes are going strong, asparagus is up, the sage is going strong, and all my roses managed to make it as well. (thought I lost the Kennedy white rose *whew*) Just like me, there are many things coming to life in my garden this spring, its a lovely place to be! Gardening is so good for my soul!
In the yards next to me there are a total of 8 dogs that bark at me through the fence while I am working outside, usually they stop when I call them by name, or when they just get tired of it. Snapped this shot over the fence of Ace (smaller one) and Lilly barking at me. There is one more dog in this yard, but she is out of the shot. I do love my neighbors, however, sometimes with at least two dogs in every yard that surrounds mine, (and 3 dogs in a couple of them) it gets a little noisy. Either way, they are part of my yard experience so It thought I would get a pic.Check back soon, I am hoping to get the cotton in the ground in the next day or two, and can't wait to see that take off, as well as the tobacco!! Happy weekend everyone, enjoy the photos!


Anonymous said...

Good stuff Christy. I'm bummed about your seed box, as you are. It looked like a very nice one. I love seeing your beautiful garden coming to life. It's beautiful!
Mary S.

black bear cabin said...

you are gonna go tobacco...thats wild! i love the spy cam of the neighbor dogs...too funny! They totally didnt see you sneak over for the pic, as they are looking the other way :)hahahha...great guard dogs!

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