Monday, June 27, 2011

Field trip to Dads garden

I am lucky to have parents that love to work the land, I know that my inner farmgirl runs deep through my family history. My Mom has always had a green thumb when it comes to flowers, and all things that bloom in yard. She helped cultivate a love of so many beautiful things in the garden,  and my Dad helped me learn to love growing things in the edible garden, both of which I am grateful for, truly the best of both worlds!

Today though, I want to share some pics from visiting with my Dad. That's my Dad in the picture above, he really is a great guy,  and the greatest Dad a girl could ever ask for.  My parents separated when I was younger, Dad bought his own house, and he always had a garden. Once I got my drivers license I could drive over and hang out with him, many times during the summer I would find him tooling around in the garden.  I would hang out, help pull a few weeds, listen to his advice, and just sorta relax with him in the garden, then as most teenagers do, I would zip off to meet up with friends.  I realize now I did not pay enough attention to the things he told me, but still, as I work in my garden, I hear his voice in the back of my head reminding me of all the little things I need to do. I got to hang out a bit with him this weekend in his garden,  its been a long time since we did that, it was so much fun. We picked a nice little sampling of strawberries, and chatted about so many things.  Its funny, we work together, yet we never seem to have many moments of just sharing something other then work that we  both love. We talk about our gardens all the time, but we get so busy in the summer, sometimes we forget to just relax and stroll through the vines.  We checked out all his fruit trees,  talked about which ones are blooming out and which are not. We discussed raspberries, tomatoes,  beans, and water solutions. We just hung out, both of us in our silly garden hats, another love he passed on to me, the goofier the garden hat the more I love it(thx June for the new hat)!   I am grateful my Dad and I are so close, and  that I have as much time with him as I can spend. I have a great appreciation for playing in the dirt from both sides of my family, a rare gift indeed. Dad has taught me so much, I am grateful for everyday I get to spend with him, now that I am older, I listen much more, and soak in as much Dad  time as I can. I am so lucky to have the life I do, truly blessed, cherishing every moment of it! Here's a few pictures from my Dad's garden:
                                                          Yummy strawberries!!!
Choke cherries :). I also scored a few raspberry bushes that he dug up, I can't wait to get them in the ground here in my own garden, a little piece of joy from Dad's garden to mine. :) Have a beautiful day.

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