Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cotton and curly goodness

The cotton is really doing cool things right now. This is a shot of the newly formed squares beginning to emerge, its either super exciting or I am a massive dork! hehehe :). These guys need 160 days to do their thing, so I am hoping the continued heat will do the trick. The heat is getting to me, but its helping the cotton, so go Mother Nature, bring the heat!
This is the cucumber reaching out and holding on. Its one of my favorite things in the garden, really fun, almost childlike to see how it just reaches out and grabs things, and how tightly it hangs on.
 The cucumber is curly, really holding onto the chicken wire, I love it!
 BASIL!!! Thai and sweet mixed together, walking by these planters smells so good!
 The sun setting on my snap dragons, these flowers make me very happy!

 More shots of the cotton, with the square and the bloom in sight
The eggplant is a little behind, but its officially my first ever, thanks to my friend Marsha who had an extra plant to share! I promise to post more stuff outside of the garden realm soon, its just so awesome in the garden right now it can't be helped!! Happy Day !

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