Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Garden goodness

 Its been an extremely long and hot week, but a few things have managed to make me laugh. Yesterday morning when I went to leave for work, I noticed the cat had got nice and cozy in my veggie picking basket, HA! He looked comfy, but it just made me giggle. This morning I woke up so nice and cool and cozy in bed, that it made me giggle, been a long time since I woke up giggling. :) Happy day!
Once the sun starting going down, and this 97 degree day began to end, I went out to pick some booty form the garden.  I ended up just sitting, looking at things in the yard, thinking about my garden this year, thinking about how at the beginning of the season I decided it was going to be an experimental year, and it has not disappointed. I am liking the placement of all the new beds I dug in this spring, I just should have made more of them :).  I have been watching the suns path in the yard to figure out where the best placement of the greenhouse will be, and I think I have finally got that figured out. I am so excited because I am seeing the yard just show itself to me, the blank canvas I started with feels likes its really coming to life. I can't wait for all of it to come together, it will be a long road, but one that is going to be well worth it. All the new experimental plants I am growing are really showing me very cool things, I am learning much more then I expected, now if I could just figure out how to protect the cotton over the winter... :). The asparagus, eggplant, cotton, cucumbers, and ghost peppers are  growing really well, and astounding me daily with all the changes. Each day I seem to pick a new favorite plant based on all the changes they are making

 These two little squash just sorta looked like a heart  to me,  of course I knew I would always find love in my garden.
 These are just a few more shots of some of today's booty, I love this time of day, when the sun is setting, the neighborhood is quiet, its so peaceful. I wish I could work in the garden all day rather then go to my day job. :)
 This is a shot of a some of the garden booty over the last few days, I can't wait to make salsa with the tomatillos!!! The okra is so good, I've just been cutting it up and tossing in my salads, but I am going to have to fry some up soon! The anaheim peppers are so good, they are almost smoky in flavor, I am excited to get more of those for sure.
As always, Arty follows me about, when I sat at the table with all the goodies he had to come over and inspect them, then he layed around on the table. Goofy cat.  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog, there  will be much more to come, as I will be blogging more often, and adding some of the sustainable/urban homesteading things I am working on in the near future.

Check back when you can, good things are happening at here in my little cottage garden, have a spectacular day.

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