Tuesday, August 9, 2011

 It is no secret that my garden brings me great joy, but today it added a new joy, it actually surprised me. First, upon my arrival home I noticed this sunflower blooming in my front yard. It may not look like much, but to me, its a triumph of great accomplishment! For years I have tried to grow sunflowers, something has always hindered me, animals peeing on them, wind breaking them, or simply to much or to little water, but today, my first ever sunflower showed itself to me just when I needed it. I actually gasped when I pulled up and saw it,  almost locked my keys in the car because I couldn't wait  to jump out of the car to get a closer look at it.  I love watching all the different phases of plant growth,  love letting things bloom out and just do their own thing.  These plants are fabulous to watch in all the many stages! There's a few varieties growing,  one of the giant sunflowers actually feel over and broke the stalk a few days ago, so I was really let down. I am hoping that the other giants make it, I gotta get out there and stake them!!!
 Another surprise in the garden today, the cotton! The cotton has not done much all summer, however, just in the last two weeks it has really began to change, The leaves are getting much bigger and "squares' are beginning to form. With luck, they will keep up the good freaky reproductive work, and blossom into flowers soon. This plant is pretty amazing, and complicated, the heat has been helping, but I am afraid the cooler nights might stop some of the growth. Either way its been fun to watch and learn about this very cool plant. If you want more info geeky plant info, (the type of which I love) check out this website on growing cotton.
 Another of my favorites in the garden, is okra. It grows kinda upside down, I love watching them grow. I love cooking with them, but I also just like all plants that grow a little wonky. Thai peppers kinda grow the same way, but they are a little prettier when the flower.  Either way, okra is worthy of a photo and  an honorable mention of things that made me happy today in the garden. I also got my first cucumber ever from the garden today! I was so excited about it, I picked it, did a  a little happy gardener song and dance  number, then I forgot to photograph it.  :) (yes, I actually did a little dance, and created a little song, while holding the cucumber like a prize over my head. A few fun dance spins and quick stop to let the cat give his "sniff"of approval, and the new cucumber  song and dance was over, I can't imaging what the neighbors think!)
 This is my prized garden plant, pumpkins! After 3 seasons of NO pumpkins at all, I finally have some growing! This is just one of the many, I am so excited about them! There are so many things of beauty going on in the garden right now, things are just growing all over the place, I love it!! I will try to get more pics and share more over the  next week or so. The garden is keeping me pretty busy, mostly I am busy figuring out new ways to cook zucchini and squash ;),
Even HRH Arty is enjoying the big leaves of the pumpkin plants! I love this photo :), even the cat its taking time to "smell the flowers".  These happy garden surprises made my day. Sometimes we work in the garden so much, it just feels like all of a sudden one day, everything is blooming and out of control. I see it daily, so when I have friends over who haven't seen things in awhile it reminds me that all of the hard work and planning are totally worth for it days like this. Days where  the hard work disappears, and "surprises" abound! Happy gardening!

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Marsha aka Vashti said...

Christy, call me for zucchini & other squash recipes. I've been trying new ones every couple days or so. ;)

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