Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vintage Trailers & Yard Work

Being spring here, I have tons of work to do inside and outside the house. I have planted some seeds already, and from here on out have a heavy seed planting schedule plan every week. This week its peppers. So far, the new cotton plants, artichoke, onions, and peas have all sprouted up, so exciting!

Every year I try to plant something new and different in my garden to challenge myself and grow as gardener. I've been in this house for about 3 years now, but didn't plant the first year, so for the last two years some of my funky plants were, horseradish, which I love, asparagus which is tough because it will be 2 more season before I can harvest it, and last year it was cotton. The cotton was my favorite because it is such an amazing and beautiful plant. So, what did I decide for my new funky plant this season? Well, me being me, I couldn't decide on just one, so I picked two. I decided on Purple Hull Bean, and Stevia. The Purple Hull Bean is a special one due to someone I met last year, click on the name of the plant to see my blog about that.

The other plant I wanted to try was linen, but I could not find the seeds, so instead I picked Stevia. I liked it for a few reasons, mainly though I just like beautiful plants,  seeing this all over as a natural sweetener, I kinda wanted to see how it starts its life out. As soon as those start sprouting I will share pictures and keep you updated on their progress. Also, I did plant more cotton this year, its such a cool plant, also I will try again for Marshmallow, I couldn't get that one to grow last year so I am going to try again!
A few weeks ago I went to a gardening class, they talked about an easy way to grow potatoes, so I decided to try it. Get an old trash can, cut some drainage holes in the bottom.
 Fill with 6-10"inches of dirt, officially container dirt since technically that's what your doing, so get the good stuff!
Then, add growing potatoes, cover with dirt, as they grow cover the greens with more dirt, and by the time the season is ended the can will be full, and potatoes will have grown all up the trash can. Then hopefully all you have to do is turn the can over and dig out the goodies! I grew potatoes last year, and the hardest part was digging them up, mainly because they kinda grow all over, you have to be really careful not to spear them as your digging. It was fun, but this sounded fun too so I thought I would give it a shot. I will keep you posted on how it goes!!

I started working on my vintage 1960 Forester trailer last weekend, my Dad and my brother helped me hook up the propane lines and test all the appliances to make sure they work, and every one of them did!! Its so crazy, I am not sure how long its been since they were all fired up, but the heater, stove, and propane lamps all worked! I wanted to check before I tear it all out and rebuild it, I want to keep it as original as I can, I am super excited they all work and get to stay! I have a cassette toilet to retro fit it with a bathroom, and am ready to start tearing it all down!!!

Last but not least, I love it when something I planted in the yard begins to pop up, even when I have no idea what it is, hahaha, I can't remember what I planted. I keep a little file of all the stuff I plant, but can't find the one for this spot in the garden, so kinda excited to see what they turn out to be :).

Things are blooming like crazy, flowers are coming up all over, mint is already going a bit crazy, all the trees are budding out, asparagus is coming up, and the horseradish is insane already. its so awesome, I love spring time!

I am also very happy that all of my rose bushes made it, I planted 3 new ones last year and was a little concerned, but they all pulled through and are greening up very nice!

I am really behind on the blogging, but will be getting things caught up in the next week or two, so many things going on with the garden, trailer, and house, its a nice break to sit down and blog it out, I hope you come back to see what else I am up to, its going to be a crazy summer. Oh, and just one more teaser for you.....I have something new this week, and it will be going up in my yard soon......Nostrovias are coming home! Have a great weekend!

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black bear cabin said...

How awesome...did you buy that tent? however did you find one that matches the colors we have already? that is great...and its a cute tent! cant wait to see it :)

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