Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Summer is here

The Vikings have landed!!! Summer is here, I am busy recovering from surgery, and trying to keep up with the weeds. I am way behind, as soon as I can get my poop in a pile, I will make more updates to my page. Until then, here are a few photos to get you by. 
 My strawberries are making a comeback this year, any my belly is super happy about that. YAY!
 The sun was setting,  and lighting up my battery powered rose light. It caught my eye, and I loved it, so naturally, I had to get a photo.
 This is my marshmallow plant that I thought I killed last year, so excited to see it bloom soon for the first time ever, which you know will be when I am camping or something!
 Fairy lights are starting to come on at night now, make sure you dance with them and give them wine.
 Just some pretty lilies and pinwheels blooming like crazy. I love my flowers.
Kitty has a pretty fierce outdoor mean kitty face, she is not messing around in this photo! 
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