Monday, June 15, 2009


I am sure that almost nobody reads this blogs, except for my cousin Lisa, HI LISA & JORDYN!, But I like posting, and it gets me thinking about what needs to be done is the garden and yard. I lost almost all of my seedlings this year, They were doing great in the box, but I think I planted them a little to early, and could not get them in the ground soon enough. I lost the peppers, tomato's, and some of the flowers that I planted. What did make it were all the pumpkins, ghost, big max, and regular pumpkins all pulled through, the squash made it, and the peas, and a few cucumber plants. Pictures will follow of those that have lasted.

The trees I planted are doing fairly well, all the wet weather we have had really helped! The cherry tree even has cherries on it, 5 to be exact! I'm hoping to get them before the birds do! The weeds are out of control with all the moisture so staying on top of them has been a challenge!

The flowers I started from seed are doing well, the sunflowers, morning glory, and the one lone zinnia I planted are good so far. I forgot to take pictures of them, so I will post those in the next day or two. I also planted, rosemary, lavendar, thyme, mini roses, mint, carnations, and sage which are all doing great. The dog keeps getting a little close to the herbs which is bugging me, I figured the mint and sage would keep him away, but I was wrong about that I guess.

My corn is up and about 6 inches tall now, the cuc's are going to need something to vine on soon, so I will have to decide if i use the old iron bed frame I have, or build a wood trellis for them to climb, still not sure.

We've had a few burns in the fire pit, and have a lovely gazebo tent set up with orange lights along the fence of the yard, so evening entertaining is really fun. I'm hoping to add more decore to the mix soon. OOHH I also got my fairy water fountain hooked up and running, although the dogs and all his dog friends use it as thier own personal water bowl! We got an old ugly toilet to put in the dog run for a water dish, and a friend suggested we put a fire hydrant in for him to pee on too, heheheheh such a good idea, so now I have to find a cool one of those too. more pictures of all that to follow!

Would love to see what you doing! Happy gardening, happy summer, get outside and get dirty!!

the above photo is the view while sitting unde the gazebo, I can see all the squash and pumpkins, and all 3 trees. its awesome!
These are the gohsn pumpkins and the yellow squash, they are finally vining out of the container I am trying out, its gonna be cool!
This is the big max pumpkin mound. You can see the leaves are much bigger, and the flowers on them are HUGE! I am hoping to turn out at least one monster pumpkin this year heheheheheh wish me luck!
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