Sunday, December 3, 2017

Missing my garden. This is a photo from  2014, that was about the last time I really spent any effort on making it better, and really growing the things that I love.  My Dads cancer diagnosis in 2013 really took a toll on my energy, and my desire to want to do anything other than hanging out with him. Between trying to run our business, and doing whatever I could with my Dad, the garden and my homestead life got completely shut off. I am finally in a place where I am feeling joy come back into my life, I am thinking more about the things I love, that I stopped doing, that I need to start doing again. Gardening is Definitely one of them.  I am looking forward to this winter, and my usual gardener slumber, that really isn't a slumber at all, but more of a downtime to regroup, refresh, and plan like crazy all the things I want to accomplish in the next growing season. For the first time in years I am super excited to start my little seedlings, and create beautiful plants in my backyard canvas.

Something else I am ready to dive back into is sewing. I used to sew garb for the SCA life, and tried my hand at quilting and other fun sewing things, I have really been missing it. A few months ago I decided to join a swap with my Maryjane Farmgirl Sistershood sisters to create mini aprons based on different themes. I thought this would be a good way to slowly reconnect with sewing, since just like my gardening, it took a way way way back seat in my life. The mini apron in this picture is the one I made for the Christmas mini swap. I love with making these, and as hoped, it has sparked my creative sewing side to start thinking of all kinds things I want to create. I have connected with  very creative and talented ladies through the Farmgirl Sisterhood, every swap you get your apron back along with all the others that the Sisters have made, it's a blast seeing all the different things they come up with, so much talent, seriously crazy good. I'll post a photo of them all strung together when I get them up later this week.

There is much going on as I re-establish things in my life that have been missing for too long, I am taking it slow, but will share things that are happening as I can.

Happy Sunday!

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