Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring fever

Spring fever is hitting me pretty hard right now, even though the yard is frozen with a layer of snow, I can't help but sit at my window and think of all the things I want to plant this spring, and all the changes to be more sustainably and self sufficient. This weekend I went out to gather all my seeds and things that I need to begin my garden this year. I have many seeds from last year, but needed some new ones, and really, who does not love a trip to the garden center. :) I posted a few pics, and will post more soon as my plans become reality, and seeds begin sprouting. WOOHOO!

heres a mish mosh of seeds for planting in the yard this year :)

A new gnome with a new home, he's gonna be one happy little gnome in a few months. Not to mention, this is my first garden gnome....all this time, I've never had a gnome. Poor thing will probably get abused by all the fairies.
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