Sunday, October 7, 2012

Frosty Morning

Its been awhile since I posted, all summer has gone by without one post from me updating the garden. The reason for that, is I was not able to post photos all that time, I was posting photos in their raw form, (opps :)) and kinda got locked out of the account for a bit. I think I have it all figured out now, just in time to post a picture of the frost from this morning, and few others from this week that I like.

 Naturally since its been so long I have to include a photo of Arty. He was watching his reflection in the water, and then just stared at me while I was taking pictures, it was kinda goofy and I love the pic with the garden in the background.
 Here is a shot of the Ghost peppers, aka Bhut Jolokia I grew this summer, finally got them to flower, and produce fruit. I think mother nature giving us over 71 days of 90+ degree really did the trick this year! My family was brave and tried them, brought 4 men to tears and made them drool in pain :).
Now that I have the photo problem figured out, hopefully, I will be updating with more photos from the summer and with plans for winter work to make the garden easier for next year. Thanks for stopping by, sorry for the long delay in posting, I'll get caught up!
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