Monday, November 23, 2015

22 months later

Putting another year of gardening to bed. Not one post in almost 2 years, hard to believe how quickly time passes.  Slowly finding my way back, with the help of family and friends. Things look brighter now, even though we are heading into the darkness of the winter months, traditionally the time for all gardeners to tuck ourselves away,  I look forward for the first time in years to this time of reflection, renewal, rebuilding, and preparation of the dreams of the rebirth of spring.

For 22 months, or longer, the darkness has taken me over. I have finally began to undo it, and have started to shine again. The garden has changed much in the last 2 growing seasons, I have learned a lot, lost hope a lot, but such is the life of a gardener. From seedling to harvest anything can happen, and  indeed these last 2 growing seasons have taught me so much. As the winter begins to take hold and settle in, I put this year behind me and let the future shine through the winter darkness.

 Until then, good night sweet garden, fairies, gnomes, and all magical creatures. May you find warmth in the shelter of red shed, and slumber well with dreams spring. I look forward to our awakening in a few short months.

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