Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Book Crossing goodness!

In an attempt to escape work during the week, I tend to get up really early one day a week, go to my favorite bagel shop, have some breakfast and coffee, and read for as long as I can before I have to lumber myself into the dark cold winter world of sheet metal fabrication. It helps me feel like I have more freedom in my life, kind of a way to pretend I don't really have a job I have to go to, for that brief time each week I get to be the avid reader/writer I am in my heart. I get lost in the story, or what I am writing, and forget about my problems for a brief time. I just started committing to this weekly form of escape a few months ago, before this I would read as much as I could here and there, but as I began to make more time for reading and writing, I rediscovered a true love, so now I do this as much as I can. I love to read anything I can get my hands on, fiction, poetry, history, autobiography, anything. Where is this all leading you wonder, well, read on.....

There I was, reading, enjoying the dark before the sunrise, a moment of calm before I had to get my butt to work. Looking at my phone, seeing the time, I had only minutes to clean up my breakfast mess, refresh my coffee and head to the shop.  I had been sitting in the bagel shop for over and hour and a half, reading. I got all my trash collected, headed for the trash bin, and there, next to the sign, "please do not toss our plastic trays" was a book.  Naturally I picked it up, glanced around for someone who might have lost it, nobody seemed to be looking for it, so I went to put it down thinking they would come back for it, when I noticed the sticker on the front that read, "I'm not lost! I'm Free!" What? a free book, just sitting here, "how strange is that?"  I thought.  I continued to read the sticker on the front of the book and found out this book had been "released into the wild" at another bakery near my town. I discovered that this book was left for the purpose of someone finding it, reading it, blogging about it, and re-releasing it back into the wild for others to enjoy through a site called bookcrossing.com. How cool is that! I thought, "Wow, that is really neat, someone is going to find this book and be able to follow it's journey, what a great idea!" Then, I set the book back down, thinking about how lucky that person was going to be to find the book. Yes, it took that long to hit me, um, hellllloooo, I found the book, why am I setting it down for someone else to pick up!! I reached back over, picked up the book, tucked it in my pocket, and went to refill my coffee.  I was darn near giddy about this silly book, I kept looking around wondering if the person who had left it was still in the bagel shop. I mean, I had been sitting there reading for over and hour and a half, (and it was early in the morning, not a lot of traffic at 5am) how did I not see this person leave the book? This was all so clever, fun, and exciting.  I was giggling to myself as I poured fresh coffee, gave it a stir while looking over my shoulder wondering if the mystery book release God was watching me, laughing at my complete and udder geek joy of finding a free book.  With my  freshened coffee in hand, and freshly caught book tucked in my pocket, I walked out of the store, almost skipping with happiness. I got to my truck, opened the book, to discover all about what bookcrossing.com is, and instantly fell in love with the idea. I was laughing and actually singing "I found a golden ticket", I was that stinking goofy about it! Then, it occurred to me, I need to get a life.

Instead, I will read the book, release it for someone else to find, and begin my own process of releasing books I love into the wild. Won't you join me. Check out the website and get involved! Knowledge is power, and reading is the way to get there.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Christmas

Well, It's taking me much longer then expected to sum up my garden this past season, so far it's about 4 posts long, with tons of photos.....so....until then, here is a shot of my new Christmas tree. Enjoy, relax, have a great Holiday Season, my garden summary will be coming soon. :)
Also, had to have this little Angel, I mean, she has glitter in her belly and she glows purple, oh yes, she had to come home with me. :) If only I could grow glitter........

Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy December

Welcome December, loving the blanket of snow covering the garden. Happy Day!
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