Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th already....

 I can't believe it's July 4th already, man, time is flying by. Spending all my time trying to figure out how to keep the garden from burning up, and keeping me and the cat cool have just made time fly. Having the hottest temps on record for June kept me scrambling to keep things calm in the garden. I did lose most of my peas to the heat, they just can't take it. The potatoes look like they will be next, but the peppers, pumpkins and squashes seem happy.
 I have a few little pumpkins on the vines, they are getting curly and doing my favorite thing running their little green viney fingers all over the garden. I love those plants.
 The okra is doing well, its happy it also seems to be happy in the heat.

 I love this small okra budding out and doing its thing, it kinda looks like a little green fist, GREEN POWER! hehehe
 The new strawberry bed is doing really really well, I am so excited about that. Can't wait! I'm hoping that it just makes itself a nice little home so that next year it can really do some magic!
The corn is also feeling the heat, but mostly I think I need to add a few more watering spouts, the sides are doing good, but the middle is pretty weak. Not sure what will come of this, but as long as I have some cool tried corn stalks for decorating in the fall it will all be good. Gotta find the good side to things for sure :) More updates coming soon as well as a few other projects I am working on. Happy 4th everyone, stay cool and safe.
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