Sunday, July 31, 2011

4 day weekend turns into a 4 day lazy do whatever I want revival weekend...

Well, this weekend was full of plans, tearing out the bathroom and redoing it, putting in windows etc least I was full of good intention!! So here's how it really happened.....Started the 4 day gala off with a weeding, mowing, gardening fest! I have been out of town pretty much for the last two weekends and have got nothing done in the garden, so naturally it needed some grooming and love, which I was happy to give.

After much work in the garden, the house was to hot, 95 degrees in Denver means 86+ plus in my house as I have not swamp cooler or A/ daily I pack up and head out to find some cool place to hang out.  I went and found my dream furniture set for my bedroom and scheduled delivery for Saturday morning.

Friday morning, pretty much a repeat of the day before, work in the yard till its to hot, then out to find some cool place to hang out, and low and behold, Denver is having a County Fair. :) Color me happy!! So I take in all the sights, the freak show, the art gallery, the creative area which was really inspiring and awesome.  Managed to buy myself a new flowy skirt and ultra cool scarf...I never found the corn dogs though, I think they were outside on the midway, but I wanted to stay cool more then I wanted a corn dog,  which was a shocking first for me.  The Denver County Fair was really fun, they mixed it up, and added many updated things, they had a Drag Queen Fair Queen contest but sadly I missed that, there were many "green" venders, a holistic center, lots of metaphysical booths, palm readers, Tarot card readers, and a fairly decent urban gardening section.  As a backyard gardener/urban homesteader, I was a little disappointed by this section, however, it was a great place for beginners, and I completely enjoyed checking out the competition for all the grown veggies.  They also had a great area to learn home canning, which was awesome, I really enjoyed that!  All in all, I loved the fair and can't for it again next year.

This woman made the first place quilt of the show, and it was quite a story. She began traveling around the country at 65, and turned her journey into an art project, and it did not disappoint! The quilt covers the entire car, and had little bits and pieces of what she was doing, feeling, seeing, and learning on her journey. It was really moving! You can check out her story and see more pictures It was just one more inspiring creation that found me this weekend. You could write a message and tie it onto the Turtle, I wrote mine out and added to the pile, such a beautiful thing!

Saturday was spent completely rearranging my entire house once the new furniture arrived, YAY!! My new ultra comfy part springs part memory foam with pillow top bed was the best end to a very long hot couple of days!!! This beautiful morning found me out watering the yard and contemplating my life, I am pretty lucky to have such a wonderful life, great family and friends, and a place of my own to create anything I can dream.  These 4 days off were just what I needed to reinvigorate myself and get back in touch with my creative, gardening, homesteading spirit that felt like it dried up over the last year.  Have a beautiful day enjoy every minute. I am way behind on posting, so I will be adding more later, but for now the following photos are just a few of my favorite things from the last few days!
 I love all things curly in the garden, so naturally I couldn't resist posting this photo ;)
 I also made some Pesto with fresh basil from the garden. I had to use a combo of sweet basil and thai basil, it turned out sooooo good!!!

 Beans YAY!!! They are growing so fast!

 Pumpkins!!! I am so excited its been 2 seasons since I had any decent pumpkins! Hoping these make it through to the end of the season, I need to fence them off from the critters soon!
 This is my Dad, he is standing with what is left of my Grandpa's tractor. My Grandparents homesteaded in Nebraska, and this is a tractor he used. Dad told me the story about during the depression they did not have enough money for gas, and had to use the horses to pull this tractor. So many cool stories to yet be told!
 After Mom and I worked moving furniture for house, we sat outside and noticed this beautiful rainbow. It was a very nice moment for me.
Another shot of the new bedroom furniture, that new mattress is so comfy! I Love it, it feels good having a grown up bedroom ;).
This of course is HRH Arty just hanging out while I upload photos and gather my thoughts. Hope you enjoyed the photos, thanks for stopping by and checking out my ideas and photos!!
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