Thursday, May 6, 2010

More then Gardening

Getting my house ready to be sustainable, grow my own food, and create a mini farm in the city, is quickly becoming more maintenance then anything else. Fixing the water drainage problem is taking much of my time, considering I am doing all the work myself it is taking a very long time.

I am hoping to have this fixed by this weekend, so I can concentrate on getting all my planting zones ready, and get hope to get all my seedlings & seeds in the ground either by this weekend or the next at the latest! I did get the corn planted last night, so thats exciting, now if I can just keep the squirrels out there!!

It's coming together, slowly but surely!
More pictures coming soon!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mom and Jim made quick work of the downed tree in the yard. Jim cut some of it into stumps and some of them into stepping stones. Looks great out there! I also found the problem where water was coming into the house, and am getting that fixed.

On the gardening front, I am going to get the corn planted today, and most of my seeds are up, so hope to get them planted in the next week or so!! pictures of the seedlings coming soon :)

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