Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 review in photos

After thinking about how I wanted to start blogging again, I figured the first of the year is a perfect time to start.  I thought of many ways to sort of end the old and start the new.  I could answer questions geared towards things I did, and didn't do, things I hope to do, personal things about me, but it all sounded like to much work after a year that kicked my ass. 2013 was a bitch of year for me, the loss of my 18 year companion kitty, HRH Aretmis, and the diagnosis of my Fathers terminal liver cancer bookended my year in suckville.

I decided that a photo journey of the few things this year that had great impact on me would be best. I will add a little bit about each photo, but will leave it up to you to surmise 2013 with your own eyes.

Happy 2014

HRH Sir Artemis RIP kitty 

                            Crafting adventure with The Makerie in Boulder

                                           San Fran for wine and tours
                                         The gardens at Alcatraz

Birthday high tea at The Brown Palace & Blanket Lisa and I made for Jenn, Well, Lisa did most of the work,  especially fixing my lame ass squares.

     1st Rockies game in years with my Cousin Lisa and God Daughter Jordyn
           End of the season Rockie game with my Dad, just about a week before he got sick
    Sunrise in the hospital lobby while getting a moments peace after sitting with my Dad

            A beautiful fall day completely lost on me as I am consumed with sadness and anger
Punkin Chunkin with my brothers team, all I wanted was a cold beer and some peace and quiet 

  Dad and the men in the family making traditional popcorn balls

 Sitting with my Dad while he gets a chemo infusion

 Ending the year on a good note, Christmas tea with my Mom at the Brown Palace

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