Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's been to long since I posted anything, so here are just a few pictures to get caught up. The peas and cuc's are coming up nicely, as well as the corn and all the squash. Tom's are popping up on the vines, but the jalapeno plants have died, so I need replace those. The ghost pumpkins and the big max pumpkins are coming along, but I've had to fence them off with chicken wire so the dog would stop pissing on them. DOH! He was killing them! There is a picture of a little bird that found refuge in my garden for a few days, he was cool, kinda kept hoping around and hanging out where I was, which was nice. I scared him though when I tired to catch him to see if he was injured and the dog almost got him, that was a little scary for a few minutes. Things are coming along nicely, and plans for the next growing season are already floating in my head, and needing to get worked out on paper. I'll write more later, just trying to get a little caught up from this crazy summer I'm having.

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