Thursday, September 15, 2011

A few things outside the garden

 Sunday mornings are pretty mellow around my house. Arty and I just relaxing in the cool morning, with all the windows open to let that beautiful chilly breeze touch every corner of the house, while I drink coffee and read the paper. Once that chore is finished I wander in the garden to think about the next steps as fall approaches, and pick a few things that are ready.
 The basil was a little out of control, so I picked a bunch and made a ton of pesto, got it all frozen up for later use, then sat back outside to begin my list of chores before the end of the growing season. A quick stroll around the garden, checking out the cotton, pumpkins, egg plant and squash. They all seem to be doing fine, and do not need much attention. Back in the house to review some photos from the weekend and enjoy a very quite morning at home.
My Sister in law and my niece came over on Saturday for my first official crafting day.  I've been wanting to host a dedicated day to crafting and sewing for some time, and I finally managed to get it going. Kelli and Jennifer both have kids, so planning this time for them to come over and sew without having to worry about the kids was important for all of us. A kid free few hours and we are off and running with some fun sewing projects. 
 Kelli was very ambitious making a 10 panel circle skirt in one afternoon, it turned out beautiful even without the trim work she wanted to get added before the day was over.  Leaving the trim work to be done was hard, but, it will give her time to really think about what kind of detail she would like to add during the next sewing day ;).
I had a back up of plastic grocery bags taking over my pantry, so I decided to use some left over parts from a quilt I made for my Dad and made a little baggie holder. I turned out nice,  I made it bigger then most so that I can load the sucker up, so happy to have all those silly bags in one  place and not flying all around the pantry. 
 This week also brought along with it the official start of  the Punkin Chunkin season, as it was time for Team Inertia2 to hit the road to the Cimarron County Fair in Oklahoma to toss some gourds.  We got word at the last minute that ammo was not going to be available in Oklahoma. I took a few hours, but I managed to find a farm that had some pumpkins ready for picking, they even had the ghost pumpkins  we needed rather then the usual orange ones that have thinner walls.  The only problem, we had to go pick them ourselves. Kelli and Sean jumped in the truck, drove an hour out meet Mr. Mazzotti of Mazzotti Farms, and picked a fine truck load of beautiful pumpkins that we could take to the fair.  I was a bit jealous that I did not get to go to the farm myself, but I had to stay at work to man the counter and phones. :)We owe a huge thanks to Mazzotti Family and their farm, they really saved the day for us.
 The last order of business was to get the new Inertia2 sign hung on the back of Lloyds trailer for the ride to Oklahoma, it took 4 men about half an hour to do it, but they finally got it on. Once they got all the trailers loaded, posed for a quick photo for me,  they all headed out of town.  The new sign is designed from a photo that I took at Punkin Chunkin last year, I was very excited to see one of my photos blown up to about 3' x 4',  and prouder still that my brother gave me photo credit on the bottom corner of the sign, how sweet is that! I am officially a published photographer I guess now, even if it is just in the crazy world of tossing vegetables.

That is a tiny peek into my life outside the garden this week, hope your weeks been wonderful. Have a happy day!

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