Sunday, June 17, 2012

Heating up outside

 Things are cranking away in the garden right now, its absolutely wonderful! The first blossoms popped up this weekend on the okra and squash, and the potatoes are flowering already! This blanket flower has mutated into kinda  a triple head, its very very cool to watch it do its thing. The stem on that one is about 3 times the size as the others as well. Nature is amazing.The temps of 95+ the next few days should help the peppers, but my poor lettuces may get wilty, I need to find a covering for them.
 All the garden beds are full now, when I am starting my seeds it always seems like I will have way to much, then as I plant, I think, hmmm, I can make more room over here. Thats how I have now ended up with 14 beds...and plans of course for more. I have decided that all squashes need their own round beds, and that some of the existing beds with the fences need to be perennial things. I had hoped to have all the beds nailed down by this summer so I could start putting in permanent stone semi-raised walls for them, but I just seem to keep finding room to add more beds, :) which is okay, I just need to take a summer and make them all permanent. I also learned this week that you can hand pollinate squash, (and other plants I am sure) I have never tried that, but it might interesting to see if I can do it.

 The peas are coming in nicely they are at least 3 feet tall now and producing many many delicious little pods. I have tons of tomato plants, including a few donor plants from my friend Marsha that are climbers. I have never tried that with Tomatoes, so it should be a learning experience for me, but I am excited for it.
 The potatoes have grown completely out of the trash can. I neighbor told me he tried it last year and it did not work so well, that they were to crowded and ended up small. he suggested that I just rip them out now and plant them in the dirt, but I think I am going to stick with this and see how they turn out.  On another horseradish note, it has now taken over the garlic, which is not cool, but since I can move the garlic at the end of the season I think that horseradish will be declared the winner yet again. I have such a love/hate relationship with that plant! mmmmm wish it wasn't so tasty!
As always, HRH Arty hung out in the shade while I worked this weekend in the yard. He is such a goof. Also want to send a shout out for prayers and happy vibes to my Cousin and best friend Lisa who lives in the Poudre Canyon here in Colorado. The canyon is on fire right now, and  we are hoping for the best. I was able to make a run up and bring home some her things just in case, but keep them, and all the residents up there in your hearts.
 This is a shot of the fire as I drove up on Thursday to get a truckload of stuff off the mountain for my Cousin and her family.
This is my Cousin Lisa, Justin, and Jordyn over there on the John Deere. They have a lovely 100+ year old cabin right on the river, my thoughts are with them and all the other family and friends in the Canyon, hang in there guys!! Much love, have a beautiful day!

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black bear cabin said...

and thank you for coming to the rescue once again christy! im sure driving towards the giant smoke cloud felt creepy...but we sure appreciated it! ;)

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