Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rained out

Its been raining here since I think Thursday, which of course we love, but it manages to get us all to stay inside for a few days. Colorado has so many sunny days, we tend to really get into these sullen cloudy days, and just relax and enjoy guilt free inside tasks. This week a friend and I made Hulla hoops out of 1" 100 psi flexible pipe, and decorated them with electrical tape. It was so much fun, we listened to music, laughed, got the hoops made then went out in the rain to try them out. I need much more work to be a good hooper, but my friend took right to it. She rocks the hoop!!! Here's some shots of the family enjoying the hoops yesterday when we finally got a sunshiny day, they were a big success, everyone could do it except me, so now I really have my work cut out to get good at it! Theres also a shot of my super talented Dad and Brother doing some serious work to my truck, they are the best! A evening with great family and friends to remind me of what its all about, what a great life I have! Hope your out there ejoying yours too!

Chad and McKenna working the hoops, McKenna is really good!

Maggie gets the hoop going, she actually was doing two hoops at once....awesome
More of Mckenna and her Daddy getting the hoops rolling
Grandp and Chad decide to start walking with the hoops, so funny!
Grandpa and Chad having fun with the freshly minted hoops woohoooo!

Grandma, who, btw, is queen of the hoop, and Mckenna get 'em spinning!!!! it should be noted, this was the first hooping for Mckenna, and Chad, and they both took right to it.

Greg and Dad pulling the transmission among other things out of my truck to work on it! Not only world famous Punkin Chunker, but my very own personal mechanic, I am so lucky!
One last photo, this is my basement and my soaking wet carpet and pad. This old house has so many things that need work, and I finally managed to find the smelly musty spot I could never quite figure out. I had a huge fan in there all day yesterday and it is not drying out, you can tell by the stains on the carpet this has been happening over and over, so its time to rip out the carpet and start over down there. I think I figured out the water problem and will get that fixed too, but for now, the stinky carpet needs to go!! On an up note, checking other floors around my house I discovered wood flooring under the carpet in my spare bedroom upstairs!!! WOOHOOO!!! Exactly what I needed, more projects on the house hehehehehehe. Well, I am off to rip out carpet like a mad woman, more snow and rain are forecast for today, so its good I have so many indoor projects!

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black bear cabin said...

i hope all that water didnt ruin your shelves down there. the hula hooping looked fun...i cant believe chad and mckenna had never hooped before...what fun! did you leave some at your moms for future hooping? when do i get my own personal set of hoops? fun weekend!

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