Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

Mother nature seems to keep hitting us with weekend storms, when I need to get things done in the yard. She must know I have tons to do in the house as well, ;). At least we didn't get the 20 inches of snow that was being forecast. There's still a nice blanket of snow out there, but most of it melted quickly since we've had such warm weather. Either way, there's enough on the ground for me to find indoor projects this weekend. At least I can get my seeds started !!!! HOORRAY SPRING! We get it Mother Nature, your bad ass, much respect! Spring snow storms are my fav!
With the snow in the yard, I am driven instead to get things done inside. Managed to work through a huge pile of magazines that have been sitting there just taunting me to go through them for months, :). I'm filled with the spring cleaning bug, so naturally I started moving things all around to clean, and decided it was time to change things around. I need to paint the living room so badly, but it will be another week or so before I can, so to break up the ugly white wall I hung a quilt I made a few years back to add some color and life to the place. I love it hanging on the wall, it looks like the seams are not straight in the photo because of the drag, the way its hanging, but they really are. I love this quilt, having it hang here now is giving me inspiration for colors to look for. Also notice the light coming through the new door's window shining on the floor, I love that!

This is the new front door we installed last weekend it. I love it, can't believe how much it changed the look of the house. I love waking up in the morning and seeing the sun shine through the beveled glass in the door. Its beautiful and makes me really happy. :)

So, I'm off to finish the cleaning, organizing, and get my seeds started this weekend! WOOHOO! I am so excited to get my garden started! Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the change of season, much like life, they helping us to renew ourselves. Take a lesson from Mother Nature, cast off the things around you that have served their purpose, make room for the wonderful new things that will be blooming in your life. Peace and love

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black bear cabin said...

im so glad you hung your quilt on that really adds a nice splash of color!
and i LOVE the light shining thru the door...what a bright addition to the living room :)

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