Sunday, June 26, 2011

Things are really starting to grow in the garden now, almost everyday I have fresh new roses to clip, and tons of herbs! The heat is a bit trying, but I am managing it alright for now. Some of my experimental crops are not doing so well, the tobacco never really took off, and the cotton is trying to do something but it seems a bit stunted, but that's okay, the asparagus is out of control !!!

Here's a long view of how the canvas of my yard has changed. I have all the new beds, new stepping stones, the bark laid down, and things growing like crazy! I love it!
Here is a shot of the first bell pepper to be coming in. This is a plant that I got from my friend Marsha, this strong little guy is really happy in dirt! I'm super excited to watch this one grow!
My corn field is a little strange this year, I mixed some of the sweet corn seeds up from 2 separate companies, and it looks like only on variety has taken off. I love watching the corn grow, it grows so fast, it changes daily! Since I had some empty spots in the corn field, I put in some tomatoes and squash. The squash plants are also a gift from my friend Marsha, there are many varieties that she gave me, some I have never grown, so it should be exciting to see what comes up!
As always, Arty laying around in the yard....cats are the coolest.

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